For BoXeD:


‘Hamlet shows her keenness to excel further in her role by combining her characters vulnerability with sorrow, so beautifully, in her role as lost and desperate Rachel.’

‘Hamlet delivers a solidly powerful performance in her role as Rachel, giving us the picture of a woman desperate for answers and keys to locate her missing sister while then having to battle the emotional turmoil and internal strife brought about by associated circumstances involved. Her constantly deteriorating condition heightens the story’s underlying mood of menace and enigmatic elements, and Hamlet embodies this conflict well.’

 ‘….while Jane Hamlet flies solo in many scenes and therefore has to carry much of the movie by herself she does a very good job of it.’

For The Tempest:

‘Hamlet’s Prospera was a highlight. She had a great stage presence, a power to her demeanor that carried such a big character and her vocal projection was the strongest in the cast.’ (North West End)

‘Hamlet makes a worthy Prospera, and has a reassuring stage presence and a clarity of delivery.’ (Liverpool Echo)

For The Lionheart Phantom:

‘Jane Hamlet is a believable pub landlady and staunch supporter of gay rights. She also has a beautiful singing voice.’ (British Theatre Guide)


For You Are Lennon:

‘This well-worn history produced great performances from Jane Hamlet as surrogate mum Mimi, and Clare Crossland as real mum Jude.’ (