• Jane Hamlet

September 2015

Updated: Feb 21

Two premieres this month! Chalice Media’s brilliant production of Macbeth took place at the Forum Theatre in Chester. Loved working with this company and playing Lady Macduff. We will be touring the production around the northwest starting next week.

Friday 11th saw the premiere of Ice Picks and Violets: A Musical Biography of Mallory and Irvine at the Heron Theatre in Cumbria. It was really well received, and I was honoured to be part of a show that commemorates two such incredible men. We will be performing in Penrith, Heswall, and London over the next few months with the first English man to summit Everest, Doug Scott.

Rehearsals for ‘I Am Lennon’ start this week. Can’t wait!

Jane Hamlet

Singer and Actress