As Prospera in The Tempest

Honoured to have played Prospera in the The Tempest at St. George's Hall this month. It really is the part of a lifetime, and it was a joy to play it in such a fabulous venue, and with such an amazing cast, especially my Ariel and director, Laura Harris. Happily, the reviewers agreed, and were really positive about the show!

The Concert Room at St George's Hall

'Hamlet's Prospera was a highlight. She had a great stage presence, a power to her demeanor that carried such a big character and her vocal projection was the strongest in the cast.'

'Hamlet makes a worthy Prospera, and has a reassuring stage presence and a clarity of delivery.'

Rehearsals begin this month for The Lionheart Phantom at the Manchester Fringe, as well as the next play in our Shakespeare season, Romeo and Juliet. To Verona (via Salford)!

The end of April saw our run of Macbeth at St. George's Hall, in the beautiful concert room, as part of the Where There's A Will Shakespeare season at St. George's Hall. The production was really well received, and it was a joy to be involved. Thrilled that I get to keep working with the Chalice Productions gang as rehearsals start for next month's production of The Tempest!

Cannes pass

The middle of the month saw a wonderful, and exciting, trip to the Cannes Film Festival. I was lucky enough to walk the red carpet, and see the premiere of Jodie Foster's new film, Money Monster, in the Grand Theatre Lumiere, which was brilliant. It was a thrill to see our film, The Con Game, advertised as part of Short Film Corner, and to see the posters for a film, Just Charlie, cast by a lovely friend of mine, Ben Cogan, in the festival. The (film) stars were out, and the weather was lovely! Congratulations to everyone involved on a brilliant festival - I hope to be able to attend again in future years!

Cannes selfie!

More good news this month - Grand Dame Theatre are taking The Lionheart Phantom to The Greater Manchester Fringe Festival 2016. Can't wait to be Wendy again!

Thrilled to announce that The Con Game has been accepted to the Short Film Corner at the Festival De Cannes 2016. Many congratulations to Writer/Director Jane Sanger and Lumino Films. Excited to be attending the festival this year!

A lovely few weeks performing Bricks at the Page to Stage festival. The play was really well received, with some very complimentary and heartwarming comments from audience members, including those who had direct experience of the plays subject matter (caring for a relative with dementia). It was a real honour to be involved. Thanks to the plays writer, Michael Rumney, and director Hannah Kelly for casting me, and for a great experience.

Now, let the Shakespeare 400th Anniversary celebrations commence! Something wicked this way comes.....

Jane Hamlet

Singer and Actress